Vritta - The 360-degree Nurture


  • Monthly workshops will be conducted
  •   Physical health: Sessions here mainly focus on the kind of food children consume, and type of activities they do to keep themselves physically active and safe. Here they are also educated on the importance of first aid to themselves and people around them. Finally giving them an overview on a healthy lifestyle.

      Mental health: An increased level of stress and anxiety in students, due to the rat race they get into is immeasurable. To make them familiarize with such feelings and also make them realize that they are not alone when they encounter such things is the big picture here.

      Social health: Revisiting the fundamentals of society and how it works, beyond the repercussions of technology. Importance of relationships, management of success and failure, and society beyond social media is extensively covered here.

      World health: With growing population, the harm we are doing to environment is also exponentially raising. On these lines, the aim is to guide students on the repercussions of the same with practical experiences about limited resources.

      Financial health: Children these days are unaware of the concept- Money. Where it comes from, how is it earned, how can one save it and use it for the betterment of themselves. Hence, giving them a reality check and keeping them financial ready.


  • A classroom interactive session based on activities and games will be conducted by the experts at the school premises during the school hours on these topics.


  • This new era of evolving technology and our dependence on it, has created the need for grooming students organically. Off late it is seen that there is a tremendous dip in the EQ levels of this generation and the social involvement has been limited to the screen time. Hence this calls for a serious intervention in aspects other than academics too.

For whom - 6th to 10th