About us and Our Team

JAGRATI: Shaping the True You !

Catching thoughts, germinating them to action, recognizing passion, in due process cozying up to them and culminating it into a blossoming career of choice and love – a lever that does just this ”JAGRATI: Shaping the True You!” Jagrati is an amalgamation of 3 concepts – Radical Thinking, Futuristic Payoffs and Pragmatism. Started by a group of motivated young professionals from across fields with a common goal – ‘To add value to our Education System’.

Brief history of the organization, Established year and Important Milestones

Jagrati is the brain child of Sandhya. P. Nagar, started in the year 2015, has embarked on an endeavour to council children enabling them in taking the most important decision of their life-Career Choice, using globally acclaimed Multiple Intelligence theory and home-grown Practical assessment, we council and train children in identifying their true potential and mapping it to the possible career paths.

At Jagrati, the MI method forms the basis of all of our training and activities. We take pride in our work when we say - Jagrati is the only organisation in Asia that uses innovative ways to perform practical assessments based on MI theory, to train children helping them to chart a path between their true potential and their career choices. By doing this we have proved to save years of choosing and working in a not-so-enjoyable or successful careers.

Innovations Launched By the Jagrati Since its Inception

  • Career mentoring Program to students from 8th to PG level, in both urban and rural areas.
  • We follow experiential analysis as against Psychometric test, by doing so we are aware of both a student’s innate skill as well as their interests. This process helps us assess students not based on their expected answers but the real intentions.
  • The assessments were usually conducted on an offline mode, so as to make sure that we get to spend one on one time with the students. But due to covid, we have shifted our assessment to the online platform, also in order to have an overall insight of the child, we have now adopted a hybrid method.
  • With an intention to have a more holistic approach and cater to the needs of the students better, we also have a year-long program that includes various topics pertaining to physical, social, mental, world and financial health.
  • Jagrati helps students of all levels, in case they need an extra attention with either academic or behavioural problems. We have a meticulously planned assessments to guide each student reach best of their capacity.

The Jagrati advantage

It is time to truly embrace the fact – our society hasn’t grown to accept the career choices one makes stemming from passion as it is always pitched against the economics of survival. Jagrati has just the right solution -The Multiple Intelligence theory. The theory of multiple intelligences was developed in 1983 by Dr. Howard Gardner, professor of education at Harvard University. It suggests that the traditional notion of intelligence, based on I.Q. testing, is far too limited. Instead, Dr. Gardner proposed eight different intelligences to account for a broader range of potential in children and adults. We take pride in our work when we say – “Jagrati is the only organisation in Asia that uses MI Theory’s innovative ways to perform practical assessments in charting a path between true potential and career choices. By doing this we have proved that we can help in evading a 6-year gap between the start of your career and the actual one you want to pursue! As we venture towards this cause, we hope to channelize our efforts, utilize our findings, nurture the students and help build – A better tomorrow.

What Our Clients Say About us

  • I got very good and great feedback about my daughter’s career very good support from the counselors. I had very inspiring and great guidelines from the teacher.

    - B.Komalika

  • It was good and suggested different professions and we as parents are in a dilemma to choose the subject and courses for the coming year and it may help to choose the opinions given by them.

    - G.V.Uma Deepika

  • Today session is a good initiative for the children and parents to think seriously about the subjects to be taken and profession to be chosen in future. It was very informative and helpful. Thank you to organise this for the student future.

    - Vedika Agarwal

  • It was nice to explore the various care can pursue. It was definitely not some expecting but it was great to knew interests. We wil explore and make su something that’ll be good for him

    - Devyani Sahai

  • It was a very useful discussion about the career plans. I feel few more Session needed for counselling students.

    - M.Amit, 10th D, Timpany school

  • The program had a very positive impact on both children and parents. Information and knowledge shared by the team is going to have a long-term effect on students.

    - Prakash, Principal, Gurudeva English Medium School

Our Team

Sandhya P Nagar

Sandhya P Nagar is a Founder of Jagrati Eductech Pvt Ltd

A Successful Chartered Accountant, an entrepreneur and a person full of dreams. Her work is an absolute piece of envision and mastery in its own way. Jagrati- Shaping the true you, an organization which is working efficiently in the field of education is her brain child. Her holistic educational approach which encourages the choice of careers among the youths is an idea she always emphasizes and truly believes in. Also, as a practicing Chartered accountant she is lucratively running an audit firm, Nagar and Navada. Being a Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, and a well-versed Sanskrit orator, she has also won a lot of accolades as a debater in various prestigious platforms.

Chitra S V
Co Founder

Chitra S V is a Co-founder of Jagrati EduTech Pvt Ltd

She can be called the lady of social service. Having pure intentions of serving people, her main motive is to up bring the youth of this country, equip them with all that is required. At Jagrati she makes sure that we give the right guidance to students and her advices to the organisation are the one the pushes the teammates in giving the best.

Vindhya P Nagar

Vindhya P Nagar is a Director of Jagrati EdTech Pvt Ltd

Vindhya is serving as CFO of the organization pursued her graduation from Kuvempu University and has her Master’s in commerce degree from St. Joseph College of Commerce. Being the head of the Accounts & finance wing of Jagrati EdTech Pvt Ltd, she is the sole financial advisor of the organisation and effortlessly handles all the financial attributes. Her positive attitude and smile, makes the work environment peaceful. Her smartness makes her subordinates look up to her and encourages others to work. On a personal note she is an amazing singer, composer and an orator. Her voice is soothing enough to uplift the environment around her.

Chinmayi Raju

Chinmayi Raju is a Cheif Executive Officer of Jagrati EduTech Pvt Ltd

The modern-day world is evoking people to realize the importance of Mental Health. Chinmayi Raju, being a professional Psychologist and a trained Counsellor is a guiding beacon to all those people who are in need of a helping hand to cross the difficult hurdles in their life. With a triple major during her under graduation in Psychology, Literature and Journalism, from Mount Carmel College, she has nurtured her interest proficiently in all the three fields and has applied the skills accordingly. Being a firm believer of the importance of mental health, and importance of sensitivity towards people’s predicaments and her inclination towards being a patient listener she pursued her Masters in Clinical psychology, in Jain University. With passion towards contributing to the education world, she is the Chief Executive Officer of the organization, Jagrati Educational Trust, constantly and specifically guiding the youth in choosing the right career path. Being a researcher herself, she has extensively researched on the education system to give the best to the students.

Nikitha RS

Nikitha.R. S is Chief Operational officer of Jagrati EduTech Pvt Ltd

An Industrial Psychologist, is serving as a Chief operational officer as well as creative head at Jagrati EdTech Pvt Ltd. She pursued her bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Journalism and English Literature from Mount Carmel College, Bangalore and did her master’s degree in Industrial Psychology from Jain University, Bangalore. Knowing that guiding, developing and helping students and employees to better themselves was her forte she joined Jagrati. Serving as a Creative Head, she handles corporate programs and delivers sessions on organizational ethics, office etiquettes, team building and leadership programs. Having an innate nature to help and be helpful to others, what sets Nikitha apart is her compassion for people and sensitivity towards their problems. Being a very warm and soft-spoken person, she has great capability in understanding the person seeking her help. She can guide them thoroughly as a strong moral, emotional and psychological supporter. All these undoubtedly make her your favourite go-to career guide in the town.

Shankar R Narthan
Marketing Advisor

Shankar R Narthan is Marketing Advisor of Jagrati EduTech Pvt Ltd

Marketing advisor, Jagrati EdTech Pvt Ltd. He is a people’s person with golden heart, having an understanding and collaborative mind he outshines in the industry through his psychological and marketing skills. Having experience par his age, he heads the marketing and business development wing of Jagrati. With the chain of connections and ideas he has, he lays the strongest foundation to the organisation. Adding a personal touch in every work he does, leads him in being a perfectionist.

Sri Lakshmi N
Program Manager

Sri Laxmi N is Program Manager of Jagrati EduTech Pvt Ltd

the Program Manager of Jagrati EdTech Pvt Ltd. She currently develops modules for children, develops suitable programs for students and creates content for Jagrati. She pursed her BCA from national college and she is also a certified Art Therapist. She previously worked as a Human resource person. With the ease to talk and analyse people & children, her experience in different fields have made her understand the needs and requirements of them. Parallelly catering to those needs she develops programs for them. With timeliness, straight forward attitude and transparency she aims in developing the future generations.