Career Mentoring Program

Students here are already into a path. The main focus here, is to guide them what best they can do in their chosen path and also guide them through, if they want to shift their course of action and help them accordingly.
They also get a chance to talk to professionals who are already pursuing their career. This gives them a first-hand experience of the real world and they can also clarify their doubts.

Study Enhancement Program

Every student would want to be successful in their exams as well as in their lives. After all who would want to Fail? Yet they see failures and setbacks in the report cards. In spite of putting their best efforts, certain students face failure and which in turn shuns their confidence, can let them down emotionally too. In order to better their learning experience, we have come up with scientific methods to do the same.

What do we do
  • Assess students and their learning styles based on which we plan their study pattern.
  • Remove the emotional and intellectual blockages that they have.
  • Intervene in their studying methods and help them with improved memory.
  • Imbibe the concept of application of knowledge.