Darpan - Reflection of your child!

India being one of the leading youth power, we observe that it is not fully explored or utilized to its best possible level. Education being one of the main reason for this, the other one is lack of awareness. One class with not much of education are settling down for the available labour work, the other elite class is excited to fly abroad, leading to brain drain. Amidst these two segments, there lies the major class, with good education and intention to stay and grow their country but with lack of awareness about the available opportunities and their true potential to choose the best suited stream/career/profession for themselves.

We believe that there are 3-dimensions involved in the overall development of a child which is parent, teachers and peers. This harmony has been tampered slightly due to the repercussions created by the global pandemic. The two-year academic gap has created educational and emotional drift that needs immediate attention, so we can avoid further imbalances.

Our efforts are towards making these equations better in terms of the child’s academics, and behavior. Through suitable interventions and programs, we work on each child’s personality development.