Drona- Faculty Development Program


  • Drona, a program meticulously planned for the betterment of classroom experience, both for students and teachers. In lines with NEP, the expectations of teacher’s role have quite changed from teaching to more of facilitators.


  • Senior, expert, and distinguished trainers will be conducting the program from Team Jagrati. Program is done in two approaches, one being a 3- day full workshop and the other being a full year program with follow-ups at regular intervals.


  • The main objective of this program is to produce empowered teachers, in order to improve the quality of our education system. Though this idea has been long back coined, the ground realities are very different. So, Jagrati as an organization has come up with Drona, to assess the problems and deliver suitable solutions for the long run benefits of the respective schools we work with.

For whom - Teaching and non-teaching faculties