Intelligence Assesment

Our assessment process involves 3 stages

  1. Orientation :Orientation :Educating and creating awareness about the different types of intelligence present in a person and what are the different ways to identify which type of intelligence you possess and relate to the most. We aim to open up the minds of the student community about their innate skills and how it can create a difference in choosing the right career decision.

  2. Assessment: In this stage the students are subject to intelligence assessments either on an online platform or an offline mode which involves:
    1. Each of the 8 intelligence is assessed with the help of carefully curated set of minimum 3 activities per intelligence
    2. During the performance/participation of the student, our trainers constantly monitor their performance and assist them.
    3. Students stay involved in the activities, as most of them are presented in the form of games, rather than tests/exams.

    In the end, a report is generated based on their performance in the respective activities. The reports  will only mention a students relative level of intelligence in a particular area.

  3. Mentoring: A one-on-one session is conducted for students along with their parents on the basis of report and children are guided towards their perfect fit career.